Franklin County Optimist Club


2022 Franklin County Optimist Jr. Golf

2022 Franklin County Optimist Duck Race

2022 Optimist Unsung Heroes

From left to right

Kearston Clausen, Nevaeh Watson, Deondre Goodwin, Trey Kingsolver, Xavier Richardson, Baron Hernandez Garcia, Wyatt Mendell. 

Not pictured Emma Guge. 

Franklin County  Optimist Club 2022 Literacy Night

Franklin County Optimists gave money to Sunflower Elementary to buy each child a book and to have a family literacy night. A huge thank you from Sunflower students and teachers!

2022 Optimist Essay Contest 


Our winners from right to left

1st Place Riley Meyercorth

2nd Place Molly McGrath

3rd Place:  Chris Sorensen

Franklin County Optimist Annual Dinner

Optimist Guest:

William M. Tsutsui, PhD

Ottawa University President & CEO

Professor of History

 Keynote Speaker

Adam Weingartner

Ottawa Chief of Police

Franklin County Optimist of the Year

Dale Fox

2021 Junior Golf


10 - 13 Age Group

Pitch and Putt Contest (Girls)

3rd Place -- Ava Lyman

2nd Place -- Charity Thompson

1st Place -- Aurora Lloyd

Pitch and Putt Contest (Boys)

3rd Place -- Bryce Klaus

2nd Place -- Gage Geist

1st Place -- Ryker Robertson

Drive, Chip, and Putt Contest (Girls)

1st Place -- Charity Thompson

Drive, Chip and Putt Contest (Boys)

1st Place -- Blake Lyman

7 - 9 Age Group

Pitch and Putt Contest (Girls)

3rd Place -- Presley Dryden

2nd Place -- Payten Benbrook

1st Place -- Lola Linck

Pitch and Putt Contest (Boys)

3rd Place -- Logan Funk

2nd Place -- Elliott Finch

1st Place -- Brennan Lyman

Drive, Chip, and Putt Contest (Girls)

1st Place -- Payten Benbrook

Drive, Chip, and Putt Contest (Boys)

1st Place -- Brennan Lyman

Inspiration Award

Christopher (Topher) Smith

Garrett Oshel

Wyatt Oshel

2021 Junior Golf

List of Instructors & Helpers

7-9 year olds  (Mondays & Wednesdays)

Chipping Claire Olmsted (Instructor) 

Ayvee Richardson (Helper) 

Quinn Beatty (Helper) 

Putting Caroline Wingert (Instructor) 

Taylor Reynolds (Instructor) 

Range Kaylie Reese (Instructor) 

Tom Rishel (Helper)

Roger Carson (Helper)

Ayvee Richardson (Helper) 

Quinn Beatty (Helper) 

Check-in Dale Fox

Cart Drivers Juanita Peckham (water)

Roger Carson

Dale Fox (water)

Tom Rishel 

Supervision Beth Testorff

Russ Testorff

10-13 year olds  (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Chipping Keith King (Instructor) 

John Kimbrel (Helper)

Putting Russ Testorff (Instructor)

Zach King (Instructor) 

Clint Robertson (Helper)

Beth Testorff (Helper)

Range Donnie Allis (Instructor) 

Wally Resner (Instructor) 

Tom Rishel (Helper)

Roger Carson (Helper)

Check-in Dale Fox

Cart Drivers Juanita Peckham (water)

Roger Carson

Dale Fox (water)

Supervision Beth Testorff

Russ Testorff

2021 Optimist Unsung Heroes

In picture order:

Savannah Sims, Daphne DeLurme, Ava Waterman, Javier Bolivar, Lorena Marquez, Chloe Wilson, Sara Orr, Not pictured:  Nolan Ingram.  

2021 Optimist Essay Contest 


1st Place; Erin Wooge  Far Right

2nd Place: Chris Hanson Far Left

3rd Place: Quinn Corley On line center of picture

2020 Unsung Heros

Top Row left to right

Kamryn Dials 9th grade; Jaymilynne Whiddon 9th grade; Alexandria Brewer 10th grade; Chloe Schulz 10th grade

Bottom Row left to right

Trenidy Batten 11th grade; Samantha Castro-Jimenez 11th grade; Caloub Mongold 12th grade; Ashley Winkler 12th grade

2020 Essay Contest Winners

Pictured left to right

Nathaniel Shupert 1st place winner with Russ Testorff committee chair.

Not pictured Payton Lee 2nd place winner

Wellsville January 2020 Student of the Month

Owen Dalton is an 8th Grader

Owen is a hard worker in class.  He is always in a cheerful mood, and he follows instructions very well. He helps other students when they get stuck on their computer programming.  He is the only middle school student enrolled in the Amazon Future Engineers program, which is supposed to be just for high school kids. 

Wellsville November 2019 Student of the Month

Matt Newhouse is a 7th Grader

Matt is very respectful and also reliable. He is a good student. Also, (from the nominating teacher) I know I am not a general education teacher but he has been JUST AWESOME with one of our students all year!!!  He eats lunch with her and in PE class he has taken excellent care of her!!!!!!  

Tom Love and Dale Pearson handing out dictionaries to Williamsburg 4th graders
Tom Love and Dale Pearson handing out dictionaries to Appanoose 4th graders

Wellsville October 2019 Student of the Month 

Ketelyn West is a 7th grader.

She is always polite and courteous to students and staff.

She is a hard worker, always turns her materials in on time and always has a smile on her face. 

2019 Dare Camp

2019 Unsung Heroes

Trenton Ball    Senior

Camille Hadl-Raby    Senior

McKinley Croucher   Junior

 Reggan Porter     Junior

Fayth Star - Sophomore

Kimberly Mendez - Freshman

Destiny Smith - Freshman

Not Pictured

Cierra Jo Harris - Sophomore

2019 Oratorical Contest Winner

Kamryn Stinebaugh

2019 Essay Contest Winners

Left to Right

1st Place:  Caroline Webber

2nd Place: Madelyn Starrett

3rd Place: Moriah Geschwentner

                           2018 Unsung Heroes

From Left to Right

Alexis Kreusch        9th Grade

Riley Bacon           10th Grade

Christopher Baber   10th Grade

Willow Ward           11th Grade

Erin Bishoff             11th Grade

Alexus Brinson        12th Grade

Alex Masuch           12th Grade

                    2018 Essay Contest Winners

Left to Right

1st place -- Cooper Gollier                

3rd place-- Rosie Marquez

2nd place-- Audrey Moore

                        2017 Unsung Heroes

From Left to Right
Stevie Knudsen 9th grade
Matt Smith   9th grade
Anthony Catanzaro  10th grade
Isaac Wingert   10th grade
Philip Hernandez  11th grade
Miguel Urrutia (not pictured) 11th grade
Rajvee Patel  12th grade
Wesley DerHammer  12th grade

This award is given to those students that have overcame personal adversity or made a special contribution to the school for which he or she has not received recognition.  The Unsung Hero Award seeks to recognize students that have achieved success in a way that most people have not noticed them.

Youth Projects ( Click on link below)

Each year we hold our annual duck race in City Park to help fund our many youth projects. 

When: Due to the COVID-19 this years Youth Day and Duck Race has been cancelled.

Where: City  Park